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6:00pm, Saturday, August 26, 2023

*Churchill County Fairgrounds* Fallon NV

***One Contestant per entry form. All entries MUST be notarized and postmarked by AUGUST 15, 2023 
Must include fee(s) a
nd entry form***


NOTE: This is a Two-Step Process

  1. The Google Form MUST be filled out FIRST to be on the eligibility list as spots are limited. Participants will be contacted by staff to verify that they will be riding in the event.

  2. For participants that have been accepted and notified by Cantaloupe Festival staff, they must then print the "Rough Stock Entry Form" to submit to staff when checking in. This is located just below the "Sign Up" buttons. This must be signed and notarized and will be turned into rodeo staff upon check in the day of the event.

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